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Namaste Charter School in Chicago is replicating and scaling its vision for education in schools all over the country! Help them fund training and infrastructure for 100 teachers, counselors, and administrators.
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Namaste Charter School has pioneered a new way of educating children. Namaste’s innovative approach maximizes students’ learning experiences by implementing a modified year-round schedule to extend academic and wellness programming. The daily schedule includes a healthy breakfast and lunch, as well as a Family Breakfast each week, to ensure students are well-nourished. The school day is extended to 7 1/2 hours (with early release on Fridays, allowing for teachers to engage in weekly professional development) to allow ample time for regular physical activity alongside high-quality academic instruction. Every day, students engage in 60 minutes of Physical Education and 20 minutes of recess, plus begin the day with “Morning Movement”. Namaste supports both students and their families by providing meaningful family programming and a Parent Center.

For over a decade, Namaste has served thousands of students in the Chicago area, and now it is ready to start teaching other schools how to embrace "The Namaste Way."

The Problem

The Namaste Charter School in Chicago, IL began as a response to the challenges of educating low-income students in under-resourced districts. For decades, schools in low-income areas of the United States have failed to educate their students. As a result, the US has fallen from 15th to 28th in international education rankings, and only one in four high school seniors in the United States are proficient in Math or Writing. Despite these failures, most education institutions have refused to adapt their model to address the changing needs of students from low-income areas.

Our Solution

Namaste began in 2004 as a response to stagnation in the Chicago education system. By incorporating a more holistic view of education and youth development into its philosophy, Namaste has created a vibrant educational community that serves both its students and its greater community. Now that Namaste has established itself in the Chicago education community, it is creating The Namaste Network, a virtualized support system designed to teach educators all over the country about the pillars of the Namaste Way, which include: Nutrition, Health, and Wellness; Movement; Peaceful School Atmosphere; Language and Culture; Collaborative Practices; and Balanced Learning.

During the initial year of this project, Namaste Charter School will:
- Network with at least ten schools across the country;
- Conduct regular webinars for administrators and teachers from these schools on the Namaste Way;
- Facilitate ongoing discussions among Namaste Network principals, administrators, and teachers; and
- Work with at least two Namaste Network schools to create plans for full adoption of the Namaste Way.


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